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Smart City Vision

The City of Canning will improve the liveability and sustainability of its community through digital innovation, digital enablement and digital transformation to deliver economic, social and environmental benefits for our ratepayers and residents.

The City of Canning's Strategic Community Plan details an overall vision to become a 'welcoming and thriving City' and includes five principle goals: Connect, Grow, Build, Prosper and Lead.



Our Smart City Vision supports the City's Strategic Community Plan and our corporate vision of being a welcoming and thriving City


The City also has five goals that sit within the Smart City Vision. These are outlined below, along with the Strategic Community Plan goals they are linked to:

Smart Living: We will use technology and data to build a better quality of life for ratepayers and residents. We will plan and build an accessible, integrated and flexible City responsive to the needs of our community. (Connect, Build) 

Smart People: We will be a digitally fluent, highly capable and innovative workforce delivering services to our community anywhere, anytime. The City will promote digital technologies to empower our community to embrace the digital future. (Connect, Lead)

Smart Environment: We will use technology and data to inform decisions in building and maintaining facilities, to enhance water and energy efficiency, and to manage our parks and other sites so that they are easily accessible and are resilient to climate change. The City will empower our community to contribute to a smart environment and lead healthy, safe and happy lives. (Grow, Build, Connect, Lead)


Smart Performance: We will use digital technologies to constantly engage and communicate with our community to measure our performance in providing effective, efficient and transparent services. (Connect, Lead)

Smart Business: We will provide access to our technology and data to help our local business to make knowledgeable decisions, ensuring the economic viability of the City, now and into the future. (Lead, Prosper)

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