Engagement report

This Engagement Report details the findings of the City's engagement process during April 2019 regarding the Digital Strategy.

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Engagement overview


During April 2019 the City provide and opportunity for public and City staff to provide feedback on the Digital Strategy. The main section for capturing feedback was through the Your Say Canning platform at;


The City also provided an opportunity for its proposed online services to be prioritised. A poll was also conducted on the Your Say Canning platform at;


Additionally two staff workshops were conducted, and staff were able to provide further comments through the City's internal innovation platform, Bounce.

Feedback survey results


The survey is intended to gauge the effectiveness of the strategy to communicate the goals of the strategy. The main questions in the survey were intended to gather data on;


  • How the participants interacted with the City currently.

  • How the survey participants would like to interact with the City in the future.

  • Expectations of the strategy.

  • Effectiveness of the strategy to communicate the use of technology by the City.

The complete report as exported by the Your Say Canning platform is contained in the PDF below;

In general, the survey results suggested that the strategy had;

  • correctly identified the appropriate audience for the strategy,

  • outlined digital principles that adequately describe how the City should approach technology,

  • outlined a Smart City vision to support economic, social and environmental savings,

  • outlined how technology can assist the City to achieve its corporate strategy of become a welcoming and thriving City.

Comments from the survey include;

  • Delighted you did the strategy online! A great example. Also liked that it was succinct. Would like to see a dashboard that reports on the success of the strategy as we implement it.

  • The different sections are very structured and easy to follow.

  • I expect more info about what is happening. For example, major project abc is about .

  • A framework for innovation should support this strategy, not be incorporated into the digital strategy.

  • Environment: expand to what we do as a business where we include our targets and report on them Would also be great to be able to use technology to simply and justify taking the right decision.

  • Needs specifics of how it will be thriving. Project list is not enough.

  • Needs more detail in the how - understand this is a strategy so this may be defined elsewhere.

  • Expect some charts to show the data before and after the digital strategy being implemented.

  • Needs to be agile and able to adapt to a rapidly evolving tech world.

  • the strategy describes the "what", but is a bit loose on the "how".

  • The strategy fails to address open data *formats* which are crucial in interacting with our community and thereby becoming a welcoming and thriving City.

  • The strategy does not address the vendor lock-in problem that the City has.

  • This business model will become more costly over time and limit the City's ability to implement the strategy.

  • Despite the underlying principle being about identifying and implementing
    change, the business model almost seems to be using BAU procedures and
    practices to propose and approve projects The "how" is also lacking.

  • There’s a LOT of information within the strategy, I think it could be leaner

  • I think it could be simplified

  • I like the idea of underpinning the different parts of the Strategy with the Principles, but this needs to be consistent (and in order!). Its easy to follow, but will a general layperson be able to understand the intent and the content?

  • Love the idea, I find the projects tab is very clear and easy to read. I think it will be good if this draft strategy website can move some of its details out and into a more formal document. Right now I feel like there's too many good ideas in one page.

Prioritising online services survey results


The survey was intended to identify which digital services our community nominate as priorities. The results will assist the City to determine which digital services to focus on.

The complete report as exported by the Your Say Canning platform is contained in the PDF below;

The survey results have been collated and in order of priority are listed below;

  1. The ability to pay rates, change personal details or arrange for a payment plan online.

  2. The ability to lodge and track building and/or planning related requests or issues online.

  3. The ability to lodge general enquiries online.

  4. The ability to view nearby services, facilities and projects via an online map online.

  5. The ability to lodge and track waste and litter requests or issues online.

  6. The ability to lodge and track animal related requests or issues online.

  7. The ability to contact the City's customer support team anytime via online channels like live-chat software.

  8. The ability to lodge and track applications for pool inspections online.

  9. The ability to lodge and track asset maintenance related requests or issues online.

  10. The ability to lodge and track graffiti-related reports and issues online.

  11. The ability to lodge and track fire and related hazards requests or issues online.

  12. The ability to lodge and track permit applications online.

  13. The ability to lodge and track holiday watch patrol applications and receive updates online.

  14. The ability to lodge and track pest and vermin requests or issues online.

  15. The ability to lodge applications and track public health requests or issues online.

  16. The ability to lodge and track vehicle-related requests or issues online.

Workshop engagement feedback


The City conducted two internal workshops and conducted "World Cafe" engagement techniques. This involved staff rotating around different tables and offering feedback on the same questions posed in the survey. This allow for more in-depth conversations and exploration of the Digital Strategy. The feedback is captured below;

  • ​​Don't want to see specifics on things like dates technology changes so much so need to be able to flex.  Needs to be future proof.

  • Future state everything will be digital anyway.  Strategy good to get there. 

  • More tangibility what the resident will be able to expect.  We have end goals but we don't have what we need to do to achieve.  When will I be able to go online to see my rates statement?  Too overarching.  More granular.  Don't want to back ourselves into a corner, but needs to be more granular information.

  • Like the idea of the city becoming more digital.  Ability to control facilities digitally.  Like the performance aspect of the strategy.  Time is money.  Improve efficiencies.  Digital locks.  Saves time. 

  • Missing the mark demographic is too wide.  Way it is worded and structures missing the lower demographic operations residents.  Liking where it's going, but how feasible is all of this.

  • Enable to capture more information on requests improve online forms.  Better information gathering on requests.  Better clarity on what information is required to improve on requests.  For customers and staff.

  • Have an app take a photo, link to location, send request improve efficiencies with dealing requests. 

  • Outside programs do things better sometimes capture processes as well as locations and improves time management.  The information side of things is so limited.

  • Ensures consistency across the City digital systems work together.  Everyone has their own methods of collecting data without talking to each other.  Everything is brought together so that the data being collected is useful across the board.  Collected in a consistent manner.  People know how to use it and read it.  Supports each other.  Everyone has different ways of doing things.  Working in silos.  Strategy to break down data silos.

  • Is the strategy trying to do too much?  Is digital an enabler, not a tool.  Are we just going from manual to digital to improve experience?  What is improve?  is it cost effective?  Is it access?  Seems like people want too much.  Should just be an overriding principal. Departments responsible area embrace.  Permission tool not describe how they are going to do it.

  • What principles will we use to value the strategy.  How do you define how the money is spent.

  • If the audience doesn't understand the background then they won't understand it.

  • What should the strategy do?  Needs to give the organisation a clear pathway.  Needs to be measurable.  Have goals been met.  Needs to be smart.  Needs a clear vision.  Outcomes from previous feedback will be achieved if the strategy is smart.  Provides overarching vision.  Is on the right path.

  • Content isn't actually that important.  Needs to be easy to remember.  Needs to be fleshed out in the plans.  One of the barriers to other strategies is the digital strategy.  Needs to be unifying.  Needs to be a framework to support other strategies.   All incorporating.  Needs to make things more affordable.

  • Needs to incorporate future needs.  Brings everyone together.  Can be innovative.  Sets level of expectations for people.  Reckless without data.

  • Sub programs can get on the front foot.  Strategy to guide them.  Use as the catalyst to support people. 

  • Getting data in reports why isn't it being captured the right way?

  • Use data to explore themes.  How does the data interact with each other.  Need to overlay data to explore themes.

  • Currently reactive makes us very inefficient when dealing with complaints impacts normal maintenance.  Removes ability to be proactive.  A number of people can be seen to do the same job.

  • Current software Lagan a bit of a mess.  Needs to be better.

  • Access via all devices.  Need to be able to use mobile in addition to tablet speed up service delivery and efficiency. For example, unable to access RM8 from home on mobile when linked to emails.  Want to be better informed.

  • End goal for team to travel around with tablet with staff linked to it has a maps layer on it and as they go to parks the device logs where they are, how long they have been there links to timesheets content is autopopulated.

  • Capture vast resources of data but don't have the resources to use it.

  • Corporate systems and software need to be available from anywhere home, field, office, library.  Even down to run sheets in the field still paper based.

  • Tech One needs to be accessed anywhere all content.

  • Data collection in the field ability to pin maps.  People find something wrong.  Want to be able to take a picture, link to coordinates and goes straight into GIS.  Open Source is where it's at.

  • Integrate with open source applications in a secure way.  Need to be able to use this to our advantage.

  • Remove manual handling and input of data.

  • Faster computers, faster ways to get information.  Interactive web pages for residents.  Empowering web pages. Easy to navigate.  Simple internally.  KISS method. Slow down when introducing something new ensure complete understanding. Enough resources to train.

  • Better data across roads and infrastructure.  Plan more effectively with budgets to give a better outcome for residents.  Good data.  Good way to represent data. Hard to navigate some things would like it to be more simple. 

  • Processes enrolled in training to start for systems you need to use. Understanding where things are responsibility falls a lot on managers. rely on the digital education.

  • Digital technology is giving control to the ratepayer. Sometimes we have too much data. Sometimes we don't capture it well.  Transparency.

  • Focus on proactive communication.

  • Tool to get funding and assistance and training to help us do our jobs. Embracing technology means we need to be supported by a strategy.

  • Connecting with the community and getting our information out.

  • Data collection has to be smart.  Want to be able to use data to make better decisions for the future.

  • Hopefully the strategy will improve understanding among staff  and community about the direction of digital projects and how they will be beneficial. It is a great way to highlight innovation, and display how the City is embracing technological improvements to benefit everyone. 

  • Economy of scale we fail to get the consistency across councils

  • Customers should be able to provide feedback early and regularly 

  • What about people who are not digitally able? Leisureplex members who do not have smart phones etc may miss space in sessions. How do we support them to keep up with the digital world

  • The strategy aims at all stakeholders, very technical and complex need to simplify

  • Short sentence, possible 'read more' option

  • Operational staff wont use leaders should deliver the message to the team

  • Possibly a different portal for different stakeholders tailored to their needs

  • All the stakeholders are as equal as the other

  • Does the strategy cater for all audience?

  • 'Customer' needs to be defined further.

  • Currently, the strategy seems to be targeted mainly towards staff and those directly involved in service delivery only. Ideally, the strategy should be targeted and accessible to all members of the community. 

  • The strategy only defines the audience, not how the strategy supports them.

  • Need collaboration between other councils before setting up guidelines.

  • Privacy issues around the whole process haven't been clearly identified and how will the city deal with the issues.

  • Principle #5 getting staff expertise and translating it into a digital workspace.

  • Principle #4 unlocking opportunities in business analysis and improving existing opportunities

  • Data enables cause and effect decision making, evidence to advocate decisions.

  • Councillors require better data for decision making

  • Building the capacity for the organisation to understand issue and making better decisions

  • Principle #2 #3 relevant staff require knowledge to analyse large data sets.

  • #Principle 5 ICT infrastructure need to be upgraded.

  • Principle #5 reword as council can only advocate for changes in legislation

  • Principle 5 should be on top.

  • Principle #1 We need to enable efficiencies in employee process in order to improve customer experience. relates it #2
    Need to identify outdoor workforce needs in order to build systems that add value.

  • Principle #1 through any channel does make sense ("digital access means" is better wording)

  • Principle #5 is great for its innovation based approach, we also like number one as it centres the whole project around the customer, which at the end of the day is the Cities priority. The idea of being simple yet effective, satisfies most needs and wants of all audiences.

  • Detail included is adequate, however greater use of examples and real life scenarios would assist significantly in conveying this.There is no reference to specific economic and environmental savings or improvements. The vision is well explained as a concept but this concept isn’t put into a real life context which makes it irrelevant to many readers.

  • How are we going get data off the devices. 

  • Guidelines for defining the smart goals. How are we going to implement this?

  • The current strategy doesn’t go into enough detail about how this plan will actually impact or improve the wider City of Canning. Needs to be far more real world examples of how the projects, which will be implemented, are going to effect the community.

  • Would be beneficial to explain how the strategy is going to be implemented in a way that is inclusive, and welcomes all stakeholders, especially those with limited digital proficiency (eg. elderly people) 

  • Current strategy may come across as wanting to eliminate all human interaction, which is great to eliminate manual processing, however may result in the City being perceived as less welcoming and accessible. 

  • Who will implement the smart change in the city?

  • The projects don't exactly define how they will make the projects welcoming and thriving. 

  • The strategy needs to be constantly updated to keep up with the technological changes, and ensuring that the strategy does not disappear. 

  • Need constant community feedback to ensure the deliverables are relevant

  • As part of the model can we consider a Digital Strategy Champion group like the Community Engagement Champion group?

  • Concerned that the approach may be top down like other digital roll outs in the city

  • How does this model cater for those with general literacy issues?

  • How does this model cater for disability/accessibility needs and issues?

  • We already bound to our desks due to tech. How can this help provide us to do more of our jobs and less admin!

  • Curious as to what the proposed end game is?

  • Consider piloting some of the elements of the Digital Strategy before finalising.

  • Need to think about how we get our older workforce who are used to hard copy based communications and systems on board with this model

  • Is there an actual need for a Digital Strategy ?

  • Why don't we focus on changing the mindset of Digital Strategy rather than the technology

  • Wanted to share this quote: You can not buy IT solutions like dump trucks

  • Consider reducing the amount of deliverables in the Digital Strategy (more bite size, achievable and do able)

  • What will be the marketing strategy for this and will it have a one size fits all approach or do separate marketing for internal and external?

  • This is massive. The website and one council was huge. Not sure if we can implement this.

  • Can you use SMART goals in this model. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely

  • What training and/or resources will be offered to implement the Digital Strategy ?

  • Time to be able to implement all of this in my team that is already pumped (workload) and with limited resources concerns me.

  • Have had some bad experiences with digital solutions prior. It will be critical to get this Digital Strategy right to ensure its successful

  • How will we market/sell this to internal and external stakeholders and who will do this?implementation.

  • Consultation with operational teams during the DS development would have given some good insight.

  • What are the quick and good wins we can get on the board to breed a sense of confidence in the organisation on what digital innovation can bring.

  • Our teams have had a lot of issues with IT so a bit reluctant on what this all means

  • Does the model accommodate the mobile teams and workforce of canning?

  • Concerned for how those who are not digitally literate will cope with what this model suggests to implement

  • Concerned of how this will cater for the Culturally and linguistically diverse community

  • Does the organisation have the capacity to support and roll out the Digital Strategy

  • The Digital Strategy suggests that we can change legislation however we can only advocate. Therefore, can you have this written in the strategy?

  • KPI table is easy to follow and effective 

  • greater use of tables/charts/graphics could convey important information more effectively to the everyday user 

  • Reads well on the phone

  • Reasonably visual and not intended for PR & Marketing

  • Like the tabs

  • How will the strategy be implemented 

  • Overall the intent is pretty good but needs the HOW 

  • Happy that is not a PDF

  • Need more layman terms

  • Can't be too detailed as technology changes so quickly, and hence needs to be high level and flexible.

  • Like how all it abides by its principles. 

  • Website needs to be more accessible for the visually impaired

  • Systems & process (digital & manual) need to overlap for the time being until all sections of the community are on board digitally.

  • Collaborate with silver chain to assist the elderly to interact with the City digitally

  • Copy other LGAs processes/ systems etc instead of reinventing the wheel 

  • Share data with other agencies, digitally for informed decision making.  

  • Too long

  • Too technical 

  • Needs to be lot simpler

  • Need different copies for different audience but at the same time relaying the same message

  • More pictures

  • Reasonably easy to read

  • Needs an infographics

  • Could be prettier 

  • Have a webpage on Canning's site that gas a list of all free software for the community to use

  • Provide mapping to community so they can send us the location of their problems 

  • Collaborate with other LGAs and consider codesigning for software implementations, purchases of hardware, etc. 

  • Need bench marking on projects/ applications etc 

  • Projects does not say what the outcomes are & need a new project page which will show who to contact. And the outcomes need to be clear

  • Need Dashboards on project budget, timeframe 

  • Include Blockchain in the strategy 

  • How are we going to address those that are not digitally savvy?

  • How do we allow for multicultural aspects in the strategy?

  • Strategy does not talk about how we will support staff during the transformation. How will we celebrate success?

  • Staff know more about customer needs more, so they could be the main customers

  • Perceived to be a bit scary. I meant in the context of staff that may not be on board with what is happening yet. Those who can see the benefits of new systems and technology will probably find it exciting but those that already feel overwhelmed may find it scary.

  • Principles could be expanded to include examples of how the customers could benefit from strategy. Expand on the meaning of each principles. 

  • Like the front page index, keep it simple and plain and not too technical 

  • The language to be simple and direct

  • How will the strategy deliver?

  • Was easy to navigate from the perspective of a user with high digital literacy 

  • Some sections are very content dense 

  • Greater emphasis on the actual projects being implemented would make the site more engaging to an everyday user (ie. how is this actually going to affect them) 

  • Use of more real life examples of how the strategy will translate into real change will reduce some ideas being reduced to “buzz words”

  • Some of the deadlines might be unrealistic. However in the long run it can be successful.

  • It is likely to be successful but will need changes.

  • Need to be careful not to paint yourself in a corner. 

  • Need to be flexible to adapt to future changes in technology.

  • People need to be supported and educated with the implementation of new technologies

  • What is the appetite of our community for going 100% digital.

  • A challenge will be the culture of a reluctance to change.

  • Need strong leadership to push the strategy ahead against the resistance to change.

  • It has to be successful to ensure we don't fall behind our communities expectations of where we should be with technology.

  • It needs to be measurable to determine if there is success.

  • Without measurable success it is just words on paper.

  • The reality of trying to get through so many projects might be daunting

  • An iron fist approach could be a problematic approach to deal with the culture of resistance.

  • The engagement about what we are doing and why needs to be well executed.

  • Need to be open to failure

  • Need too be more agile

  • It tries to do a lot of things. It's trying to shoe horn a lot of things which will be difficult to do.

  • Have we looked abroad to what is influencing digital strategies

  • Doesn't address interoperability and doesn't address future needs.

  • The strategy shouldn't get bogged down in the weeds

  • Difficult to see what's around the corner.

  • How do we address the needs of the ageing population?

  • How does the digital strategy address the upcoming ultra fast data speeds e.g. gigabit networks.

  • Because of the rate of change the strategy might become an anchor

  • Things are changing so rapidly

  • The strategy itself needs to be AGILE

  • There is a training issue in the city

  • At risk of binding ourselves to clunky systems.

  • Lack of flexibility

  • Cannot be a static strategy, needs to be living and constantly updated based on the changes in technology.

  • Health and safety need to be considered as part of the process, often they are left behind in these processes.

  • Need to make sure the resources are available to support the implementation process.

  • Time to implement might be underestimated

  • Need to consult with all levels with the business with regards to the support that will be required to implement.

  • Change management might be underestimated can be mitigated by training and support. 

  • A solid change management plan can assist with the process.

  • Need digital ambassadors that are exciting not regular IT people who are boring 

  • In the past without a strategy people were doing conflicting initiatives.

  • Benefit is the the strategy unites and guides the organisation in a direction.

  • Having something that is open allows the organise change and adapt.

  • Fear that the strategy might not be successful because there is not enough support and training of staff in the roll out of the strategy.

  • Having an integrated approach will help the strategy be successful.

  • Need to think about operational staff need to support digital devices out in the open

  • Their is an appetite from outside staff to capture interactions with customers digitally.

  • Be able to capture interactions that occur out in the field

  • Need to focus on removing the paper based processes from the outside staff.

  • Need to manage the perception of outside staff with regards to digital initiatives

  • Success is defined by being able to execute canning business transaction on mobile devices.

  • Needs further workshopping with with the people in the position to implement them 

  • Need a smaller number of achievable ideas (or projects) Given current capabilities and resources 

  • The team behind the strategy appear to be passionate and invested in the programs success which will significantly increase its likely hood of success 

  • Accessibility of the strategy by the community may be an issue if not handled appropriately 

  •  High internal focus may not as well received by the wider community 

Engagement conclusions


The results of the engagement are still being reviewed.