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Digital Transformation Roadmap

Digital Principle #3: The City's customer facing and employee administered digital services will be deployed and modified with agility and continually monitored and measured to improve performance.

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Our digital journey

Digital journey

The City of Canning has already begun its digital transformation. We currently have an excellent building and planning online application service, and our online bin service form is also heavily used by our community. These services work well because they are easy to use, and are tightly integrated with our internal systems, and as a result we can process and deliver these services efficiently and effectively. We now wish implement the same integrated, efficient and effective methodology across all our service areas, both internally and externally.

The image below illustrates our 'digital maturity', where we are now and where we intend to be in 2023.


Western Australia Government Digital Service Maturity Model

Digital Strategy schedule


The history and schedule to implement the City of Canning Digital Strategy is summarised below;

  • This Digital Strategy is identified in the City's 2017 Strategic Community Plan as a supporting document and key performance indicator.​

  • Development of the strategy begins in September 2017.

  • In March 2018 an internal project was initiated to formalise development of the strategy and the Digital Strategy Project Board formed with the main output of the project identified as: To set the City of Canning up as a leading digital organisation in Australia with benefits being enjoyed by residents and visitors. 

Schedule with grid time table on black c
  • At the June 2018 Ordinary Council Meeting the following Notice of Motion was presented;

​"That Council requests the Chief Executive Office to include within the City’s Digital Strategy a Smart City Vision (‘the Vision’) for the City of Canning:

a) The Vision should address how the City of Canning can be a leader in this field, by using data connected sensors and related devices and other Smart City initiatives (which may not necessarily be digitally associated), and should outline possible implementation timeframes and budgetary requirements; 

b) The Vision should address how the associated infrastructure can achieve long term economic and environmental savings for the City’s ratepayers and residents; and

c) The Vision is to be presented along with the Digital Strategy, no later than the December 2018 Ordinary Council Meeting.​"

  • Development of the Digital Strategy continues throughout 2018.

  • The City responds to the Notice of Motion with the following;

The City's Digital Strategy (this web site) contains the City's Smart City Vision​.

a) The Smart City Vision​ outlines the use of data and technology to achieve the five Smart City goals - Smart Living, Smart People, Smart Environment, Smart Performance and Smart Business. The Digital Strategy will provide the technological framework within which the Smart City Vision will be achieved.

As stated in the Digital Business Model section funding for digital projects is accounted for in the City's Long Term Financial Plan and approval is via the City's normal budgeting process.

The City highlights the successful application for a Federal Government Smart Cities and Suburbs Program Grant for the Wharf Street Basin: A Next Generation Community Park project. A copy of the application is available here. The application details the use of data connected sensors and other digital tools, along with non-digital components, that the City of Canning will use to deliver this Smart City project. The City notes that this was one of only two successful applications from Western Australia.

b) Each of the five goals associated with the City's Smart City Vision (Smart Living, Smart People, Smart Environment, Smart Performance and Smart Business) outline how the City will deliver economic and environmental benefits for the City's ratepayers and residents.

c) The Smart City Vision was presented to the City's Council at a Strategic Issues Briefing session on 5 December 2018.

  • The City of Canning will complete it's Digital Strategy as per the following schedule;

January 2019 – feedback received from Council and incorporated into the Digital Strategy.

April 2019 – release for public and internal engagement. Methods for external engagement include Your Say Canning, website, email and post. Internal engagement will be a series of workshops.

June 2019 – presented to Council for endorsement.


This Digital Strategy was adopted by the City of Canning Council at the July 2019 Ordinary Council Meeting. Click here to read the minutes of the decision (minutes open at the specific page).

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