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Digital Strategy Guide

The City of Canning's Digital Strategy has been a creative and collaborative effort across a number of programs at the City and is intended to have a number of uses and a variety of different audiences.

Why we have developed this strategy

The City of Canning’s Digital Strategy is a key supporting document and performance indicator of the City’s Strategic Community Plan and is intended to provide a clear understanding of the City’s technological and digital status, the purpose of technology in assisting the City to better serve the community and how the City will deliver digital projects.

The core components to our digital transformation are...

...this Digital Strategy, our Smart City Vision and the City's Strategic Community Plan.

This Digital Strategy incorporates our Smart City Vision and outlines the technological detail that will assist us to be a welcoming and thriving City.

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Who is our audience?

The City's Digital Strategy will have a number of different audiences, and this strategy endeavours to ensure all of our audience types gain as much as possible from this strategy. The intended audiences are outlined below.

City of Canning Customers

At the City of Canning customer service is our top priority. Being a 'welcoming and thriving City' is only possible if we deliver the highest quality of service to our community. Digital Principle #1 says that it will be 'simple and fast to get things done with the City of Canning'. The intent is this strategy will give City of Canning customers the confidence that Canning as a local authority is ready and willing to embrace technology to deliver an outstanding digital experience

It is also important to note that while the City has a commitment to a 'digital transformation' we will always maintain the highest level of service for our customers wishing to engage and communicate with us using traditional methods, such as by phone, in person or by mail.

City of Canning Council

The City of Canning Council's core responsibility is to represent and promote the interests of the City's community, provide leadership, participate in the City's decision making process and facilitate communication between the City and our community.​ This Digital Strategy becomes an important mechanism for our Council to direct, support and communicate the City's efforts to deliver the Smart City Vision and Strategic Community Plan objectives of becoming a welcoming and thriving City.

City of Canning Staff

The City of Canning's Digital Strategy is the defining document on how the City will use technology. Technology based decisions will be supported by this Digital Strategy. It is expected that this strategy will be referred to on a constant basis to inform and justify any decision related to the use of technology by the City of Canning.


The Digital Strategy will have a great impact on the City's workforce. The City is dedicated to achieving Digital Transformation. Change is always difficult, however a large part of this strategy involves building up the skills and capabilities of our staff, and providing them with the right tools, to meet and exceed future technological challenges. Digital Principle #2 shows how important the City's staff are to achieving the City's digital transformation, this is also supported by Digital Principle #5.

Local government agencies

Local governments in Western Australia, across Australia and across the globe, in general, deliver similar services. Canning is well placed to contribute to the local government community, assist other local governments in their digital transformation efforts, and in turn learn from other local governments. 

Other government departments, educational institutions

This strategy will ensure the City values it’s data as an asset. Like any asset, investment must occur to maintain and leverage this asset effectively. This investment includes data analytics capabilities to inform decision-making and generate insight, drive smarter, earlier interventions, underpin innovation and influence behaviours, manage demand and reduce costs. By combining our data with data from government departments and educational institutions, the City we can further enhance it's decision making and insights.

Vendors, suppliers, consultants

We value our technology vendors, suppliers and consultants and the contribution they make to the City of Canning. External organisations in this category wishing to do business with the City will be able to read and understand this strategy. Notable areas will include the Digital Business Model and Digital Projects sections.

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