Our Digital Principles

To achieve our digital transformation we propose a set of Digital Principles alongside a program of digital innovation and enablement to ultimately transform Canning into a welcoming and thriving City.

The following principles will be a requirement for all digital and technological projects and initiatives undertaken at the City of Canning:







The City’s digital services start with customer needs. Customers include our ratepayers, residents, businesses and service providers and it will be simple and fast for customers to get things done with the City of Canning through any channel.

​Behind the customer-facing digital services there are digitally fluent employees administering highly automated and efficient digital back office systems, eliminating almost all manual processing.

​The City's customer facing and employee administered digital services will be deployed and modified with agility and continually monitored and measured to improve performance.

​The City’s customer and employee digital service layers are underpinned by a strong foundation of secure data collection and analysis, while ensuring the privacy of our customers, enabling the City to make highly informed decisions about all its services.

​The City will identify and implement changes to its existing practices, procedures and policies, and where necessary advocate for legislative changes, as this will underpin the success of the City of Canning’s Digital Transformation.


Adopted and adapted from the Australian Federal Government's Digital Transformation Agenda