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Digital Partnerships

At the City of Canning we have identified collaboration as one of our core values. We see developing technology and innovation partnerships, with the goal of achieving shared benefits, as key to improving our own performance and efficiency.

Collaboration is key

The City has developed strong relationships across a range of local, state and federal government bodies, educational institutions, cultural and business groups, identifying that cooperation across these institutions promotes innovation, cooperation, research, learning, and diversity. 


We see the publication of this Digital Strategy, and its open and transparent nature, as the first step in our partnership offering. The information in this Strategy offers a strong and accurate description of the processes and technologies used within the City, and our aspirations towards the delivery of digital services to our community. We welcome any feedback on this Digital Strategy and will respond to requests for information regarding the Strategy and offer assistance and guidance to other organisations in the development of their own digital strategies.

Secondly, we recognise that local governments across Western Australia, Australia and across the world deliver very similar services. As we develop our digital services, and the systems that support the services, we expect that other local governments may also find use for these services. We would very much like to partner with these local governments to co-develop these services, with the expectation that the quality of the service outcome will increase, while the cost of development would be shared.

And finally, we see that we will begin to collect and analyse a lot of data as we progress through our digital transformation. We see that partnering with other organisations to share data, while protecting the security, integrity and privacy of that data, will benefit both organisations and the continual improvement of our services and the satisfaction of our respective customers.

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