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Digital Innovation

The City aims to deliver its digital transformation by broadening the organisation’s reach, improving operational efficiency and embedding innovative thinking and digital practices into our culture by leveraging the opportunities that technology provides.

Innovation - a core component of our Digital Transformation


The challenge

In an increasingly interconnected world confronted by complex issues and an accelerating digital landscape there are a number of important questions to consider in relation to digital innovation:

  • What are the greatest challenges facing our City?

  • How do we embrace technological progress to address them?

  • How can we innovate using technology in order to deliver the greatest impact for our customers and community?

Our approach

The City defines innovation as change that adds value. Digital innovation is the rethinking or reimagining of digital or technology based processes. Innovation is therefore essential if the City is to meet the ever changing demands of our customers and community.

The four zones of innovation

The City has identified four zones of digital innovation as shown in the model.

The y-axis indicates the degree of technological progress an innovation brings with it. Moving from low to high along this line indicates improving existing capabilities and services.

The x-axis shows the impact the digital innovation has on our community and customers, also from low to high. This usually involves new service offerings or reaching under-served target groups.​

innovation zones.png

Our model outlines four zones of innovation:

Incremental innovation involves modest changes to existing services. These are enhancements that keep the City competitive or digitally efficient, such as new service improvements.


Breakthrough innovation refers to large technological advances that propel an existing service ahead of competitors. This is often the result of research and new service/product offerings, that are striving for the next enhanced service offering, device and/or technology.

Disruptive innovation is bringing a very different value proposition to our community or customers than had been previously available.

​Game changer innovation transform markets and even society. These innovations have a radical impact on how humans act, think and feel in some way.

The above zones of innovation will better guide our digital innovation efforts as we aim to balance our attention to each zone. Innovation at Canning will require creativity, collaboration and understanding of our community and customer’s needs. It will be the ongoing progress of our innovative efforts that embrace technology progress that will lead us towards digital transformation.

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