Digital Strategy Decision and Change Log

Digital Principle #5: The City will need to identify and implement changes to existing practices, procedures, policy and legislation as this will underpin the success of the City of Canning’s Digital Transformation.

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Digital Strategy Board decisions


December 2018

  • Board accepts the Digital Strategy key performance indicators.

  • Board accepts the addition of the Executive Manager People and Performance, Executive Manager Build Canning and Executive Manager Statutory Planning to the Digital Strategy Project Board.

  • Board accepts the following schedule for the release of the strategy

January 2019 – feedback received from Council and incorporated into the Digital Strategy.

February 2019 – release for public and internal engagement. Methods for external engagement include Your Say Canning, Community Advisory Group, website, email and post. Internal engagement will be a series of workshops.

March 2019 – public and internal engagement feedback consolidated into the Digital Strategy.

April 2019 – presented to Council for endorsement.​

  • Board accepts locking the Digital Strategy at the end of January to facilitate the engagement process.

  • Board endorses the recruitment of a Digital Education Officer with a short term focus on delivering digital education material. Highlights that the People and Performance sub-program, through the Learning and Development team, will need to take a strategic view of employee digital competencies.

January 2019

  • Board reiterated the requirement to obtain feedback from Council.

  • Board endorsed engaging external vendors to provide design and interactive improvements to the strategy.

  • Board agreed that the interactive visualisation of the Digital Strategy will be designed to also be printed.

February 2019

  • Board endorsed the role of "Digital Strategy Lead". This role will be committed for three months to finalising the strategy, reviewing the Connect Canning budget, reviewing the projects and proposing procurement and implementation strategies (including a possible “Digital Strategy Projects Team”). The Connect Canning GIS Leader will fill this role.


March 2019

  • Board identified and endorsed the priority of each of the projects.

  • Project Sponsor and Project Manager agreed to delay presenting the Digital Strategy to Council for one month due to the delay in the engagement process.

April 2019

  • Project Sponsor and Project Manager agreed again to delay presenting the Digital Strategy to Council for one month due to the delay in the engagement process.

May 2019

  • Board endorsed Executive Manager People and Performance to be invited onto the project board.

  • Board decided that project reporting to the board will be by exception.

  • Board endorsed a separate board to oversee the Wharf St Basin Smart Cities and Suburbs project.

  • Board supports the development of partnerships that are not profit motivated.

Digital Strategy change log


January 2019

  • New page added for Digital Partnerships.

  • New page added for Digital Projects.

  • Engagement section added.

February 2019

April 2019

  • Project listing updated.

  • Minor cosmetic changes.

May 2019

  • Projects added and updated.

  • Engagement report included.

  • Engagement feedback incorporated, including changes to the home page, project page, feedback page, business model and roadmap.

  • Smart Environment goal modified due to feedback.

  • Data principle modified due to feedback.

  • Partnership page updated

  • Site downloaded and recorded in City EDRMS.