Engagement report

This Engagement Report details the findings of the City's engagement process during April 2019 regarding the Digital Strategy.

Engagement Conclusion - Main themes from the engagement

Canning's digital future

Mobile workforce – need to be able to access any internal content, from anywhere and any device. Project such as Mobility/Mobile device management​, Office 365, Public Wi-Fi, Corporate network, OneCouncil and other will deliver the mobile future.

More digital interactions with the community – to increase digital / online services to our customers.

Data – needs to be spatial, current and accessible. Need to drive the City to be data centric.

Digital Literacy - promote digital skills within the City and educate City staff to use technology and data.

Top 5 digital/online services

Rate Payers / Customer information portal - The ability to pay rates, change personal details or arrange for a payment plan online.

Lodge and track Planning/ Building requests/ issues - The ability to lodge and track building and/or planning related requests or issues online.

The ability to lodge general enquiries online.

The ability to view nearby services, facilities and projects via an online map.

Waste & Litter - The ability to lodge and track waste and litter requests or issues online.

Digital Strategy improvements

Include a section on “How”  the strategy will be implemented

Website to be simpler and leaner with more images to relay the information.


Address funding and resourcing commitment for all projects.


Real life examples to explain different section of the strategy.


Engagement Report - April to May 2019